Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Chat with Robbie Stamp this evening on douglasasdams.se + 4 exclusive online docs + other movie reviews


Robbie Stamp, executive producer and friend of Douglas, will chat with you on douglasadams.se website tomorrow evening, at 7.30 UK time. To join the chat, simply go to the login page and enter the VIP chat, which is now open to submit questions.


There is an exclusive feature on ifilm.com docs and interviews with Garth, Robbie and the actors talking different things in the movie. The first doc is about the guide. Along with some footage of the guide in action. (Thanks to Nick Moresco and Denis Gray for the news): There is also now a doc about aliens in the Hitchhiker's movie with a lot of interviews and footage. And another doc about the Universe. And finally another one about the robot MARVIN. These are great short docs with a lot of interesting footage. In fact the only annoying thing is the FM rock music you can hear during the doc.


MJ Simpson, one of the best known Hitchhiker's fans in the universe has published on his website an incredibly bad review about the Hitchhiker's movie. There were "extraordinary laudatory reviews" (to quote MJ) and now there is an extraodinary butchering review ;) MJ has published a long review here; a shorter one (& spoiler free) here.

Maybe you'll feel a little depressed after this review so I invite you to read other reviews about the movie : Jim Lynn and Sean Sollé (both from h2g2movie.com) or this one on my forum. Kevin Davies, an Hitchhiker's legend already interviewed on this website, also loves the movie. There is also a long and more balance review here.

You all know that i like very much the movie if you've read my review; but please remember that there is no definitive review of the Hitchhiker's movie; and that you'll soon be able to make your own judgment. Reviews published are right now about 80% positive so there is not much to be depressed about.


At last, according to MJ, there is an article avalaible online on Variety website, entitled "Comic vision picks up 'Hitchhiker' Cult classic puts less hi-fi in its sci fi to keep quirky Brit tone" here.

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