Finally the long wait is almost over. The H2G2 tertiary phase DVD-A is almost here with 5.1 surrond sound mix, behind the scene video, photo gallery, audio extras and a complete version of the Krikkit song.

According to the great Kevin Davies (H2G2 expert and who filmed the H2G2 new radio series recordings), the behind the scene videos will include :

"Online Trailer Arthur and Ford - Together Again Marvin and Zem The New Voice of the Guide Stereo Heads - Zaphod & Trillian

All featurettes are widescreen, including the trailer which was standard ratio 4:3 online. Approx 31 mins of video content altogether.

The "improbable speed" film on Above The Title's website showing the goings-on in studio during the recording of the Q-Phases is naturally being held back for that series DVD-A should this first one prove successful...

...Which it will!" (posted on forum)

Well you can already pre-order the DVD at the BBC online shop. The official release date is the 2nd October.