Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Humma's Song recroded in London last week. A copy of Humma's hymn sold on ebay!

As MJ Simpson revealed some days ago, the 19th june "a hymn was recorded for the Hitchhiker’s movie soundtrack, to be sung by followers of the missionary Humma Kavula. It was recorded in St Michael’s Church, Highgate, London (interestingly, not far from where Douglas Adams’ ashes are interred) by a 500-strong choir of non-professional singers – the intention being to sound like a congregation rather than a professional choir... The hymn was written by Joby Talbot from The Divine Comedy who also writes the music for The League of Gentlemen as well as being a respected classical composer."

And on ebay, a copy of the song has been sold. It has already reached 24 hours before the end of the auction, an amount of around 38 dollars/euros, and had finished at 56 dollars/euros. Not bad for a single leaf of paper!

Here is the text you can read on the auction page. Sadly no picture avalaible!

"19th June 2004 in a church in Highbury, London.

"Humma's Hymn" was recorded for the movie of The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy by a congregatioon of church goers and Hitch Hikers fans. The hymn will be used in the movie and on the soundtrack. And this is a hymnsheet from that event. With notation and lyrics, it's a traditional-style hymn from the Jatravartids, to their great creator Arkleseizure, who sneezed the universe out of a nostril.

The only copies of these were available to the congregation on that day. Most were crumpled and scrumpled in the performance, this is a clean flat version.

Here's a lyrical snippet.

Through empty void & vacuum your mighty sneeze was blown
And from it's far-flung remnants the universe was grown

This bound-to-be-incredibly-sought-after movie souvenir ships worldwide. Shipping is £1.50 for the UK, £2 for Europe, £3 for the USA. Payment with Paypal is accepted , as is cash and UK cheques."

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

A new picture on the official website! The Vogons are not happy about it !

Well, a new picture on the official website is still a big event. Of course because there's now two of them in the official gallery! And the h2g2 movie team has decided to get on our nerves!

After "the squared wheels bike", we have now a picture of a clapper and some stuff alongside we can hardly recognize. The girl might be Trillian or a production assistant. As you want. And the bits of something that could be creatures could be Vogons ! Yes, Vogons! And that's where it's not unfunny at all. Because i just got rid of these creatures, and now they want to come back.
So if the producers could get in touch directly with the Vogons, it would be very nice, thanks! In the meanwhile here is their news on their dedicated webspace.

PS (sept 09) : the hijacked versions of my website are still online. You can get the links in the movie section of douglasadams.info

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Win a part in the Hitchhiker's movie thanks to h2g2.com !

That's a great gift that h2g2.com will do to one of you (well one that live in the uk at least), no less than a small part in the Hitchhiker's movie!

"Ever wanted to be in a movie? Take a photo for the real Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and be in with a chance to be an extra in the film version!

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (the radio show and book that inspired h2g2) began with the Earth being destroyed by aliens who were clearing the way for a new hyperspace bypass. With the movie version of HHGTTG now in production, Earth is once again at risk. Now the entire globe is classified 'Last Chance to See...'

But what if you could save one part of the planet Earth for the rest of the Universe to see? Which bit do you think aliens would be most enthralled by? Which bit stands out as the best achievements of Mother Nature or the Human race?

How to Enter

The mission of the real-life Hitchhiker's Guide - h2g2 - is to catalogue the planet Earth, its life forms, cultures, history and technology - everything in fact. Everyday people from all over the world write entries for the guide on all manner of subjects. But now we've decided that we don't just want to read about the planet - we want to see it! To do this, we need photographs of some of Earth's best bits. Here's where you come in: we want you to send us a photograph of the place on Earth you think deserves to survive the planet's destruction:

Maybe there's a building that you think is awe-inspiring
It might be a breathtaking vista from the top of a mountain or bowl of a valley
Perhaps you have a picture of an animal in its natural habitat that blows you away
Or it might be a warning to other planets against pollution and over-industrialisation
The short-listed pictures will be shown in a gallery that will become part of the h2g2 guide. But one lucky photo will be chosen - with the help of our judges - as representative of the best the planet Earth has to offer to our galactic neighbours. The prize-winning photographer of that picture will be invited to be an extra in the movie of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Just imagine it - you could be one of the first people in the world to see behind the scenes on one of the most eagerly-awaited films in the history of everything!"

If you want to know how to enter the competition, and read the competition Rules : here you go!

Friday, June 11, 2004

Two new set visit reports and a gallery on the official website

After Jamie Freeman' visit to the movie set some weeks ago, it's now the h2g2 editor Jim Lynn and Douglas number one fan MJ Simpson who had the luck to see the movie set. These two guys had already the luck to inerview the Hammer & Tong team.

They are kind enough to share some informations about the movie. If MJ Simpson still waited to be okayed from the producers, Jim Lynn has already published a report on h2g2.com. They have been on the set this week. You can read Jim's report here. Robbie Stamp, executive producer, has shown him "a wall with a set of storyboards and production drawings showing the story from start to finish". They have seen the Vogon's heads "amazing - huge and extremely detailed, right down to the facial hair". Then they went "to the George Lucas stage, where we entered the Heart of Gold". And Garth (the director) showed them around the set : "The Vogon ships, the Heart of Gold, Deep Thought, all of them are nothing like I would have imagined, but once you see them they seem utterly correct. I keep waiting to see or hear something that makes me think 'Oh no, that's not right at all' but it hasn't happened yet. I can't wait for Summer 2005."

We should get news from the MJ's report soon. So watch this place!

At last, i just wanted to add that on the official website you can now find a brand new gallery. Well, it has just one picture right now (a square wheeled bike!!) but more should come. Life can be so surprising sometimes !

Tuesday, June 1, 2004

At last something to see?

H2G2 have published on its movie page a short behind the scenes video made at the begining of the shooting some weeks ago. Nothing to get really excited about sadly because we dont see much, but well it's still the first video to appear on the web since the one with the Marvin prototype.

The guys who make the updates on Douglasadams.com had the luck to take some pictures on the set ! "The DouglasAdams.com webcreatures were lucky enough to scamper about the film set this week. The photos are due back from the chemist next week, so be prepared for some highly improbable impressions!". So we just hope they didnt only took pictures of Garth' new shoes!

As usual, MJ Simpson gives on his Magathea website some interesting info. Jerome Blake, a british actor who played in the last two Star Wars movies, will also play a Vogon Guard in the Hitcchiker's movie. He seems to like SF a lot, 'cause he also played a part in the awful Luc Besson's SF movie "The fifth element". Commenting on the fact that Hitchhiker’s is being shot at Elstree, where Star Wars was made, Blake said: “When I work there I get the sense that history is creeping out of its very walls.”
And again a news from our incredible MJ : "The massively over-rated Ain’t It Cool News has a report that a scene from the HHGG movie will be filmed in Moorgate underground station this Sunday night (6th June). Allegedly the scene will be a shop full of TVs showing the destruction of Earth, with Douglas’ family among the extras." BUT MJ adds that "anything reported only on that site should be treated with caution unless or until it is reported elsewhere. So this story may be true, partly true, or complete nonsense"... Finally it was complete nonsense !