Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dirk Genlty TV series : the BBC orders more episodes

At last, here's some good news (or bad news if you didn't like the pilot). BBC Four has ordered three more one hour long instalments of Dirk Gently. The pilot, broadcast in december, was well received even if some critics and viewers complained because the pilot was not a straight adaptation of Dirk Gently's novels.

According Digital Spy, The programme's star Stephen Mangan has now confirmed that the BBC has asked for some new episodes.

Writing on his Twitter page, he said: "Dirk Gently gets recommissioned! BBC Four have asked for 3 x one hours... No news yet on what they will be about/which bits of the books will be there/when they will be on. (sic)"

Mangan also joked: "That's the good news, the bad news is that Gok Wan will be playing Dirk and Kay Burley will be Richard MacDuff."

When he signed for the part, Mangan said: "I've been a fan of Douglas Adams ever since the Hitchiker's [Guide To The Galaxy]radio series which I used to record as a child and listen to over and over again in my bedroom. It's such a thrill now to be playing one of his brilliant characters. Dirk is a chaotic, anarchic force of nature with a totally unique take on the world. He is described as 'lazy, untidy, dismissive and unreliable'. I've absolutely no idea why they thought I'd be right for the role."

We're still not sure if  the Cold Feet actress Helen Baxendale and Darren Boyd, will also be part of the new episodes as Susan and Richard.

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Friday, March 25, 2011

"Shada" will be novelized and published in march 2012

That's great news for Douglas Adams and Dr Who fans. "Shada" is a lost story written by Douglas (it was partly filmed but it was stopped because of a strike). In 1992, its recorded footage was released on video using linking narration by Tom Baker to complete the story (with a booklet of the full script). Part of the shada storyline was included in the first Dirk Gently book.
According The Guardian, "Large parts of the story had already been filmed on location in Cambridge before industrial action at the BBC brought production to a halt. The drama was never finished, and in the summer of 1980 Shada was abandoned – although various later projects attempted to resurrect it.
Douglas Adams's Doctor Who series are among the very few which have never been novelised, reportedly because the author wanted to do them himself but was always too busy. Gareth Roberts, a prolific Doctor Who scriptwriter, has now been given the job.
Publisher BBC Books declared the book "a holy grail" for Time Lord fans. Editorial director Albert De Petrillo said: "Douglas Adams's serials for Doctor Who are considered by many to be some of the best the show has ever produced. Shada is a funny, scary, surprising and utterly terrific story, and we're thrilled to be publishing the first fully realised version of this Doctor Who adventure as Douglas originally conceived it."
Ed Victor, the literary agent representing the Douglas Adams estate, said: "The BBC have been asking us for years [to allow a novelisation of Shada] and the estate finally said, 'Why not?'" Having Roberts novelise the Adams script was "like having a sketch on a canvas by Rubens, and now the studio of Rubens is completing it," he added. The book will be published in March 2012 as a £16.99 hardback."
 Good news is that Gareth Roberts is an experienced writer who already wrote a lot of doctor who stories and who also worked a little in comedy for the Fast Show.
 Last october, 2|entertain announced that they will release Shada on DVD.
Big Finish has also released an audio version in 2003 with Paul McGann as the doctor.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

H2G2 back on stage at Glasgow (24th march-2 april)

The Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy is back on stage! It's great news after years of shortage (apart from the great Hitchhiker Live events in 2008 and 2009, H2G2 have been quite rare on stage since Disney bought the rights of the movie in 1998).

You can read here an article about the diverent versions of Hitchhiker on stage.

The Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy will be on stage at the Ramshorn Theatre from the 24th mars to the 2 april thanks to the Strathclyde Theatre Group.

Strathclyde Theatre Group with Radio Theatre Group
Thursday 24 March - Saturday 2 April@ 7.30
by Douglas Adams
directed by Susan C. Triesman @ Bruce Downie
A rare opportunity to witness the hilarious legendary BBC series: the one that pushed back the boundaries of radio comedy. DON’T PANIC! Bring your towel!!  An epic adventure in time and space including some helpful advice on how to see the Universe for less than 30 Altairian dollars a day. Imagine being in the studio for the first ever recording!!
There is nothing funnier than the original radio scripts by the great comic genius, Douglas Adams. Meet Deep Thought and find the Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything! Meet Marvin the Paranoid Android!! Spend quality time with Arthur Dent, Ford Prefect, Zaphod Beeblebrox,Trillian and Slartifartblast!!!
Tickets: Mon – Tues £7/4 Wed – Sat £10/7
Advance booking: