Thursday, May 21, 2009

Don't forget Towel Day : 25th May 2009!

"As explained on :

"What? Carry your towel the whole day with you, wherever you go.

When? Every year at May 25th.

Where? Of course everywhere you go!

And why? May 25th is the commemoration day for the Douglas Adams, the author of the world-celebrated book The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, who unfortunately passed away 2001."

Don't forget to take a picture of you and your towel and to post it all around the web.

This year, we're going to make something huge for the Towel day here in Paris.

We found the perfect Deep Thought at Gare du Nord in Paris and we're going to play the 42 scene in front of it for towel Day. There will be a video and some pictures for those who'll miss the event but if you can come it would be great.

We'll meet in the Gare du Nord main hall on monday 25th at 20h30 with our towels.

For those who don't believe we've found Deep Thought here is a picture :

Thursday, May 7, 2009

"Salmon of doubt" on radio but without Dirk Maggs

The british magazine "The Stage" has announced that "Spice World writer Kim Fuller has been enlisted to adapt and complete Douglas Adams’ final and unfinished Dirk Gently novel for BBC Radio 4.

The writer will use information provided in the existing chapters of The Salmon of Doubt - which Adams was working on at the time of his death - to create a six-part drama, which will be the third in a trilogy of Dirk Gently series ordered by Radio 4 from production company Above the Title in 2007.

Fuller, who as well as writing the Spice Girls movie was behind the BBC’s S Club 7 series Miami 7, was brought in to adapt The Salmon of Doubt after Dirk Maggs, who penned the previous two Dirk Gently outings, parted ways with the production company at the end of last year. "

I'm not really sure that it is a good news to tell the truth. The previous Dirk Gently series have been written by Dirk Maggs, a great writer and director well known for his work on radio and who also wrote and directed the three last Hitchhiker's radio series. He knew perfectly well Douglas Adams' unique work.

"Salmon of doubt" is an unfinished book and the new writer would have quite a fair amount of new writing to do.

And if that Fuller has already done a lot of writing, it doesn't seem to be that good.

You can check his work on imdb at

He wrote an episode of "red dwarf" and stuff for "spitting image" but it's the closer we can get from Hitchhikers. He wrote "spice world" and things that seem dreadfull like "from justin to kelly"!! WHY and HOW did they choose him? A curious choice after Dirk Maggs.

Anyway, if it's really bad, Radio 4 won't broadcast the new series... At least, I hope so.

You can read the article on The Stage's website here