Friday, August 14, 2015

Trillian is dead

Susan Sherdian with Simon Jones for a live version of the H2G2 radio series episode 2 in 2008

Susan Sheridan, who played Trillian in the radio series, has died aged 68 the 9th August 2015.

Her voice is instantly recognizable for all Hitchhiker fans. She was Trillian since the broadcast of the first H2G2 radio episode in 1978. She was not casted in the TV adaptation but remained Trillian in the five H2G2 radio series and was also part of the H2G2 radio series live stage tours in 2012 and 2013.

Apart from Hitchhiker, Susan Sheridan was a voice coach, and provided her voice to a number of animations. She  voiced Princess Elionwy in the Disney animation The Black Cauldron.

She was also quite a loveable person for all those who had the opportunity to meet her (me included). 

She died peacefully at home due to ilness.

Dirk Maggs, producer of the new H2G2 radio series, broke the sad news to the fans : "Heartbroken to report that my dear friend and colleague Susan Sheridan died peacefully at home yesterday. Sue was cast as Trillian by Douglas Adams and Geoffrey Perkins in 1978 for the first radio series of Hitchhikers and returned for the last three radio series in 2004-5, after which she joined the cast for our Hitchhikers Live stage tours in 2012-13. Sue had a full and happy career on stage, radio and television, where for many years she was the voice of Enid Blyton's 'Noddy'. Backstage, Sue was warm, witty and wise, with a wicked sense of humour, which kept us sane during some trying times on the road. We will miss Sue dreadfully and our love and thoughts go to her husband Max and daughters Emily, Alice and Olivia."

Simon Jones wrote on his facebook page : "Yesterday our tight little group of original Hitchhikers became sadly diminished with the loss of our beloved Sue, when her sparkling light left our Galaxy, and left us lonely and bereft. We've known each other for two years shy of forty years, which is a fact that seems incredible to ponder.It was wonderful to be reunited for the Live Hitchhikers Tours that started in 2012, and to rekindle our long-standing friendship and team spirit, Those early days when we all assembled with Douglas Adams and Geoffrey Perkins seemed suddenly to have been made vividly recent, and her feisty energy invigorated us all, and made us value her more than ever. Her Trillian was practical and vital, and she more than made up for the somewhat sketchy character that Douglas had given her. Out of the studio she was also a delight, and I can only say to Max, Emily, Alice and Olivia, that she enriched all our lives in a very special way that will stay with us forever. Nancy and I send them our love and support."