Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Douglas Adams left hand guitars collection for sale !


 The Music shop Chandler Guitars has announced on his website that they have for sale Douglas Adams' collection of left handed guitars.

The collection contains 10 eletric guitars from £ 1695 (for a Hofner 500/1 Beatle Bass 58 Reissue 1989 Left-handed) to £ 4995 (for a Gibson ES355L 1963 Stereo Left-handed).

 You an also purchase 12 accoustic guitars (price start at £ 875).

Finally the collection contains also two amps sold for £400 each.

The most collectibe item in the collection is certainly the Santa Cruz OML 1993 Hitchhiker Brazilian Rosewood Left-handed wich have been customized with Hitchhikers themed inlays(Offers invited...)!
"When Douglas Adams created "The Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy", he wanted it to look like more a rock album than a more classical radio series. He was in fact an accomplished guitarist and his life and works were marked by his love for music. Douglas Adams often said that to be able to write he had to eat an impressive amount of sandwiches and soak in a just as considerable a number of baths. "There's also a lot of playing the guitar very loudly involved as well…" For a full list via email of the collection please email sales@chandlerguitars.co.uk and add subject Douglas Adams to the email. Please provide phone number. Each instrument will come with a certificate of authenticity and provenance signed by the owner of Chandler Guitars and the Douglas Adams Estate. Douglas Adams was known for having one of the biggest left handed guitar collections in the world.
For more information, picture and details, see their website : http://www.chandlerguitars.co.uk/douglasadams.php

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Limited edition Marvin T-shirt on Qwertee

Today only (between 24 and 25th April 2013 depending on your time zone) you can buy a nice Marvin t-shirt on Qwertee.com. It has been designed by thomashy2000 (his website : http://wurwaldesign.com/tshirts/.