Wednesday, December 13, 2006

H2G2 on Blu-Ray disc the 23th January

he Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy is one of the first Disney Buena Vista movies to be released on the new video format, Blu Ray, 50GB and dual-layer discs. It will be realeased on the 23th January 2007 along with other BVI titles like Chicago, The Guardian and Casanova. It will be released in US and Japan (I'm not sure about other countries).

Commenting on the announcement, an official from Buena Vista stated, "BVWHE is thrilled to kick off 2007 with this 50GB slate of Blu-ray releases. We're movingforward into an exciting future with these dual-layer discs, which offer the maximum capacity for bonus materials and expanded content. We continue to forge new frontiers with our Blu-ray discs and to further explore the seemingly limitless boundaries of creativity the format allows. We've just begun to cultivate the future growth of our industry with Blu-ray."

It is quite ironic because it seems that the Blu-Ray H2G2 disc will include no new material not even the "Don't crash" documentary which is still avalaible only on the UK 2 DVD set.

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