Saturday, May 18, 2013

Towel Day 2013 is coming !

 Once again this year Towel Day will be huge. And as it will be a saturday and not a damn week day, there will be ever more celebrations than usual.

If you check, you will probably find a nice event happening not too far from where you live. If there is not one yet, it's still time to organize something !

In Vancouver, the Public Library is organizing once again the horribly hilarious Annual Vogon Poetry Slam. In Turku (Finland), like every year since 2006, the worst poetry in the univers will be recited at Cosmic Comic Cafe. In Brasília-DF, Brazil, for the second consecutive year, Towel Day will be celebrated with a Vogon Poetry Contest! In Netherlands, Nijmegen will be a hotbed of Towel Day activity, with lectures, live comedy and music. In In St. Louis, MO (US), anime store Animeggroll is doing a towel drive for the local Crestwood animal shelter. In the Italian Alps you can meet fellow hitchhikers at an alpine refuge (altitude: 1200 meters), not far from Lake Maggiore, ...

In UK, there will be events and meetings in London, Canterbury, Oxford and Edinburgh, but the biggest event will take place in Cambridge with the Cambridge Towel Day Tour (12h-14h) and Cambridge Towel Day Talks (15h-18h).

 In Paris, Towel Day is once again organized by Grand Ordre de la Serviette (GOS), my own association. We'll have Dirk Maggs (the guy who adapted the three last hitchhiker books for the BBC, but also the two Dirk Gently books, and who organized the Hitchhiker Live Tour), a commemorative towel, a commemorative poster, three talks, the Towel Day Olympics, exhibitions,... According to "Towel Day in Paris will be brilliant!". I really hope so !

All details about these events, and useful links, as usual on !