Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New Douglas Adams biography to be published in autumn 2014

Jem Roberts is also a successful Ukulele player

Thebookseller.com has just anounced that "Preface publisher Trevor Dolby has bought world rights to "The Frood: A Guide to the Galaxy of Douglas Adams" by Jem Roberts, for hardback publication in autumn 2014".

 Jem Roberts is not new to british comedy history. He previously wrote "The Clue Bible: The Fully Authorised History of I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue" and "The True History of the Black Adder".

 The bookseller.com quotes publisher Trevor Dolby. "Following the wonderful reception of Jem's last book, The True History of the Black Adder, published by Preface in 2012, I'm very pleased to have convinced him that the time is right to gather Douglas' friends and acquaintances round the campfire, share stories and celebrate the man and his greatest work, H2G2." Roberts said that thought there were "a clutch of great biographies published in the wake of [Adams'] heart-breaking loss", but that "so much time has passed that a whole new celebration of the Universe he created seemed timely and welcome".

 On his twitter account, Jem Roberts has announced that he exepcts to work nine month on this project : "This one = 9 months-ish. Result = I am living and breathing Hitchhiker until April." He also announced that the launch of a H2G2 blog was "imminent".

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Note that lasst june Jem Roberts published a long post introducing the "Original pitch, as cordially okayed by Ed Victor, Polly Adams and the Adams estate"