Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Douglas Adams 62nd Birthday : two events in London !

Today tuesday 11th March, we're celebrating Douglas Adams 62nd Birthday and there are two events happening at the same time in London.

First, the Highgate Cemetery where Douglas Adams is burried is organizing a special event called "Douglas Adams: A Conversation at the End of the Universe".

Special guests Lalla Ward and Richard Dawkins will share memories of Douglas Adams. As you may know Lalla Ward is a former Doctor Who companion and played with Tom Baker in Douglas Adams episodes "City of death" and "Shada".

Richard Dawkins, was a good friend of Douglas Adams. They shared a same views of live and also their atheism. evolutionary biologist and author of books such as "The Selfish Gene" and "The God Delusion". They met after Richard wrote Douglas the only fan letter he ever wrote, and Douglas replied with a fan letter of his own.

Lalla and Richard met at a party for Douglas’ 40th birthday in 1992 and were married later the same year. The event is sold out, but I really hope that we'll get pictures and reports from the evening.

More infos here : http://highgatecemetery.org/events


The Second event of the day is the annual Douglas Adams Memorial Lecture that will take at the Royal Geographical Society.

This year's lecture will explore a theme close to the hearts of many of Douglas' fans : "We will be exploring science in fiction, taking a closer look at two popular fictional worlds - Harry Potter and the Simpsons - and exploring the science within".

This year's speakers will be Roger Highfield and Simon Singh.

More infos here : http://www.savetherhino.org/events/798_douglas_adams_memorial_lecture

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