Thursday, May 22, 2014

Towel Day 2014 : don't forget your towel and celebrate !

Once again this year, there will be a large number of events to celebrate Towel Day. So don't miss the biggest day of the year and don't forget your towel !

You'll find an almost complete list of events all around the globe on

There is no reason to stay indoors and alone with your towel for such a day. Events will take place in severail cities of Brazil, Sweden, Germany or Australia to name but a few.

Two of the biggest events will occur in UK and France.

The National Space Centre (Leicester) will be celebrating Towel Day with special guests, displays, talks, workshops and something for everybody to enjoy. There will be two Marvin, Kevin Davies, Dirk Maggs, one Trillian,... More informations here.

In Paris, my association the Grand Ordre de la Serviette (GOS) will celebrate its 6th event for Towel Day. Action starts at 10 AM with a City of Death Tour (Dr Who and Douglas Adams fans will rejoice !), then it will continue with the infamous Towel Olympics (from 3 PM) and then with end with beers, peanuts and a lot of other things at the geek bar Le Dernier Bar Avant la Fin du Monde. Like last year, a special towel has been creatd for the french towel day (see picture below). In fact we began the festivities last week end but of course 25th May is the big day. Full details here (in french)


  1. Trillian, sadly, won't be at Leicester.

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