Friday, January 8, 2016

Dirk Gently is back on BBC... America !

From the DG comics published by IDW

We knew that Arvind Ethan David, a long time fan of Douglas Adams, and co-creator of "Dirk", the play adaption of the first Dirk Gently back in 1992, was working on a brand new adaptation of Dirk Gently on TV, this time with Max Landis as the main writer (the 2010 TV series on BBC4 was penned by Howard "Misfits" Overman).

The Uk version, broadcast on BBC4 in 2010 and 2012, with Stephen Mangan playing Dirk Gently, just lasted four episodes (one pilote and the three episodes of season 1).

Now Variety just confirmed that BBC America ordered a brand new version. First news, the series will feature one big mystery per season and he will have a brand new sidekick named Todd ("The series will follow the surreal adventures of the highly unconventional detective and his reluctant assistant Todd as they navigate one big metaphysical mystery per season.").

As in the US comics launched in 2015 by IDW (which also co-produce the TV series), Dirk will of course head to the US to live his new adventures.

BBC America president Sarah Barnett is quite enthusiastic about the project and Max Landis' take on Dirk Gently : ” ‘Dirk Gently’ is a very original series, fresh and unlike anything else. The novels have legions of fans, and with Max Landis’ brilliant and audacious take on this material we are excited to bring Dirk to life for our BBCA super-fans".

Apparently we can expect ten episodes for the first series. No news right now about the casting, the filming schedule and so on. But we can expect news quickly.

The new series is co-produced by AMC Studios, Ideate Media and comic book publisher IDW Entertainment with Circle of Confusion producing.

Here is the article published by Variety :

The post by BBC America

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